Paisley Bow Ties- great offers on sale now!


Sometimes we all want to break the boredom with our dressing and look completely different than the usual.

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A paisley bow tie can be a handy option to achieve that. The out of colour design of paisley wedding bow ties  means they can be the perfect bow ties for a very friendly and less formal outing.

By design, they are contrasting pieces. The color combination found in paisley bow ties could range up to between two to five co lours depending on which appeals to you. As it is with all paisley bow ties, one color creates the base, and it's often the one that stands out, with other co lours adding to the aesthetic quality of the bow tie.

One thing any of our paisley bow ties will guarantee you is attention. Either of them will make you slay in that outfit. A paisley bow tie like the Olympia ocean (the green bow tie being quite traditional) bow tie will show that you are comfortable with the way you look and that you don't mind bringing out your stylish fun side now and then.

bullies out

With every bow tie purchased, a portion of the sale is donated to Stomp out bullying to help at-risk youth. Rest assured that when you purchase your bow tie, you're helping the youth in our community and world to take steps toward a better life.