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Whether its black solid bow ties or a regular green bow tie, have a look through and we're sure there will be one that takes your eye!

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The range of bow ties you can find at flyguybow ties is so diverse there should be one to met your needs. Orange bow ties are fresh fun and lively, great for staying attractive in an outdoor event,

If you fancy yourself as a ladies man then why not try a pink bow tie? They are stylish and women really go for the man who can appreciate their feminine side.

Or if your feeling Authoritative maybe its time to wear a red bow tie. Nothing stands out more than red and it really makes the statement of confidence and come look at me!

How about the all white bow ties? A perfect treat for the more sensitive occasion and can go really well with an all white suit it a suite of any solid color.

Bullies out

With every bow tie purchased, a portion of the sale is donated to bullies out to help at-risk youth. Rest assured that when you purchase your bow tie, you're helping the youth in our community and world to take steps toward a better life.