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Flyguybowtie have a top range of bow ties for men- for any occasion. Solid bow ties have the traditional charcoal for that black tie event, solid red bow ties for that more exclusive event and others such as the violet bow tie.

The other side of flyguybowtie include the more fun loving Polka bow ties and would not look out of place in a more informal occasion like birthdays or anniversaries.

You can rest assured by choosing a bow tie for sale from flyguybowtie, you wont be disappointed with the discounted prices, fast shipping all included in our service of premium quality bow ties.

Historically bow ties have made their mark throughout history and and were first worn in the Prussian wars of the 17th Century. By wearing a bow tie you are making a statement and standing out from the crowd. By picking one of the huge range of bow ties from flyguybow tie you are showing your personality by choice of necktie. We have a good range of unique bow ties to choose from.

Putting on a a stylish blue cardigan and denim jeans along with suede trousers have proven to be a good match for the Plaid bow tie. This casual outfit can be changed in an instant with this extra accessory, a real icing on the cake for bow ties for men.

Bow ties can be work with a suite of course and if you go for the striped bow tie, do make sure that its subtle or it may overpower the suit you are wearing. This is something a bow tie should never have the impact of.

Semi formal events can be very appropriate for a floral bow tie, some may say that these are a pattern of the past however fashions do come back in and this is one of them.

Even more rough and tough events like a friends stag party can have use of a bow tie, imagine being at a paintball event and wearing a camo bow tie, now that will give you that extra wow factor to make sure your day is a success!

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