Concord Charcoal Bow Tie


Concord Charcoal Bow Tie

SKU: 726672110396

$39.99 $29.97

Handmade from 100% cotton
Sized 2.5 in. x 5.5 in.
Adjustable neck size 13.5 in. – 18.5 in.
Dry Clean Only

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Product Description

Fly Guy brings you this fabulous Concord Charcoal bow tie to add elegance to any outfit. Ideal for a black suit or any shade of grey, the beauty of this amazing bow tie is that the solid charcoal black color is going to add a touch of class to whatever you’re wearing. A great contrasting anchor for a light colored or pastel suit, and a perfect deep accent piece for an already dark suit, this amazing bow tie is going to be your go to accessory in fall and winter, and that extra touch of mystery for your spring and summer suits.