Amherst Apricot Bow Tie


Amherst Apricot Bow Tie

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$39.99 $29.97

Handmade from 100% cotton
Sized 2.5 in. x 5.5 in.
Adjustable neck size 13.5 in. – 18.5 in.
Dry Clean Only

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Product Description

A perfect complement to any fall wardrobe, Fly Guy’s Amherst Apricot Bow Tie will look good any time of the year. Its deep woven texture and a color palette of earthy golds and oranges pairs perfectly with rustic browns and greens, yet also compliments more spring and summer color palettes as well. The Amherst Apricot is a perfect tie for a week at the office, but also enjoys working on the weekend – a light blue shirt a d blue jeans, for example. Its year-round versatility will make Fly Guy’s Amherst Apricot a great standard addition to your bow tie collection.