Unique Bow Ties

Pattern Bow Ties

You are no ordinary guy. You like to stand out from the crowd. When you walk into a room, people notice. Naturally, ordinary clothes just won’t fit the bill. After all, what we wear is a reflection of who we are. So why wear something that’s more ordinary than you? A pattern bow tie allows you to add a bit of pizzaz to even the most ordinary shirt, ensuring that your outfit is truly a reflection of you. Browse through Fly Guy Bow Tie’s wide selection of unique and interesting patterns to find a pattern bow tie that matches your personality. From understated to bold and busy, our pattern bow ties are the perfect way to spice up any wardrobe. Here you’ll find stripes, stars, diamonds, cool geometric patterns, and more. We even have themed bow ties with pictures and writing, so you can find one created with your interests in mind. In addition to freestyle bow ties, our pattern bow ties come in pre tied and clip on styles, so even a bow tie newbie can enjoy a high fashion bow tie that fits his personality. Every bow tie for sale at Fly Guy Bow Tie is hand crafted and made with quality fabrics, so you can sport your stylish statement piece for years to come.