Yellow Bow Ties

Yellow Bow Ties

Yellow is one of the most identifiable colors on the spectrum–and you can harness all its boldness and brightness by donning a yellow bow tie. There’s a reason why road signs are in yellow, why raincoats are in yellow, and why some of our favorite cartoon characters are in yellow: yellow perks our senses, demanding that we observe it. Nobody confuses yellow for any other color, and here at Fly Guy Bow Tie, we believe that nobody should confuse you for anyone but yourself! A yellow bow tie is perfect for communicating a confidence that is tempered by cheerfulness. If you’re already the life of the party, or if you’re ready to be, yellow is going to take you to the next step. But take heed: when you draw the crowd’s attention, you have a responsibility to exercise a mastery over yellow’s incorporation into your outfit. Scroll below to see some basic do’s and don’ts when it comes to brandishing your yellow bow tie.


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DO: Pair yellow with cool colors. A yellow bow tie is so warm that it will clash with other warm colors, like red and orange. Yellow stands out, so you don’t want to make it compete with another warm hue. Instead, set it against blues and purples, which will properly contrast without overwhelming your viewers (oh, we guarantee you’ll have viewers).

DO: Pair the intensity of yellow with the intensity of your shirt or sweater. That means if your shirt is a pale blue or purple, make sure your yellow bow tie is pale as well. If your tie is a saturated shade of yellow, your shirt should be similarly saturated. Again, this is because of yellow’s ability to command attention: you won’t do a pastel yellow justice by hiding it on a richly-hued, regal purple. You might draw out the weakness of a robin-egg blue by smacking a sunshine-bright tie on your neck.

DON’T: Wear with white. A yellow bow tie is going to fade into white, whether that’s an expensive dinner coat or a plain white tee. Since a tie is meant to be an accent, not a hidden message, let it stand out like it wants to.

DON’T: Wear with yellow. Just keep Heidi Klum’s reprimanding pout in mind whenever you try to bring yellows together. As she’d say to a designer on Project Runway, “That’s too matchy-matchy!” This goes for any color on the color wheel! Colors pair well with other colors, not themselves.

Did we mention that yellow is totally in for 2016? Everyone’s thinking it, but we know you’re bold enough to show it! Now, go out there into the world with your yellow bow tie and make us proud. We believe in you, especially now that you’ve done your research.