Pink Bow Ties

Pink Bow Ties

If you don’t have pink in your wardrobe, you are missing out on one of the most dynamic and historically rich hues in history. Don’t worry–we’re here to fix that! A pink bow tie, if artfully incorporated into a swank outfit, will show people that you’re not too afraid to admit you have a sensitive side, or at least that you’re sensitive to other people’s sensitivities. Follow me? That’s right, I’m saying that it takes a bold dude to pull off the pink bow tie. Armed by our advice on the ever-changing symbolism of pink, and with suggestions on how to pair it with other colors, you’ll add your name to the long historical line of pink-appreciative dudes!

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Today, pink is generally associated with the ladies and symbolizes femininity and mildness. But if you do just a little bit of digging, you’ll quickly find that it wasn’t even until the 1940s that pink drew in female consumers. Boys were regularly dressed in pink in the upper echelons of society during the 18th and 19th centuries, mostly because pink is a version of red, which is still seen as a super masculine color. And I’m talking about light pink, faded pinks, since these folks didn’t yet have the technology to really trap vibrant dyes into their textiles.

If you merge pink’s historical cues with contemporary symbolism surrounding the color pink, you’ll see that wearing a pink bow tie asserts your personal knowledge of your masculinity with an openness to revealing your softer side. Trust me, in my experience, the ladies love to see a range of emotion in their dudes. Besides, pink pairs really well with a wide range of colors. Although it’s technically a warm color, it’s a little subdued, which makes it appropriate for pairing with other warm colors like light orange, pale yellow, and reddish purple. A pink bow tie will also help highlight rich hues like dark blue, brown, and even black. If you want to make your pink bow tie the centerpiece of your outfit rather than an accessory, pair it with neutrals like light gray and white.

There’s really no telling how pink will continue to morph in the world of fashion, but with your pink bow tie, you are sure to follow it wherever it may go.