Brown Bow Ties

Brown Bow Ties

Brown is nature’s sweetheart. It’s the color of most mammals, from the blonder browns in a lion’s mane to the rich reddish brown of a quick-witted weasel. Brown is the color we usually associate with the earth: it’s the color of rich soil, of sturdy tree trunks, and of malleable clay. Brown soothes the senses and takes us back to the roots of society, when we harvested plants from the nurturing ground and hunted lively brown animals. A brown bow tie won’t be the flashiest item in your wardrobe, but it will certainly assert itself as an accessory that can be trusted. Perhaps that’s why brown tends to come across as professorial–it’s sure of itself without having to overpower anyone in a physical or visual sense.

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When considering what shirts, sweaters, and jackets you’ll wear with your brown bow tie, remember that brown is a neutral color. Neutral colors pair well with other neutral colors, and they help alleviate any potential overstimulation that can be caused by brighter hues. For example, a brown bow tie will complement white and khaki, but it can also rein in the boldness of the color red. Besides being a neutral color, brown is also technically a warm color, because it is derived from various mixtures of yellows, oranges, and reds. It can be risky to pair warm colors together since they can oversaturate an outfit, but brown’s neutrality removes much of that risk. A brown bow tie can help neutralize red, and it can provide a richness to burnt orange shades.

Browns, blues, and greens are earth tones, and therefore tend to be fairly compatible. Most browns and blues complement each other fairly well. Tread lightly when bringing browns and greens together in an outfit–we recommend that a richer brown bow tie is going to best suit a fainter green. However, if you’re dressing for the holidays, a rich green will appropriately suit a rich brown, since holidays are all about pushing things to the social extreme.

At Fly Guy Bow Tie, we offer patterned brown bow ties, which means that you’ll want to pair them with solid colored shirts. In most cases, you don’t want your outfit to be too busy, and patterns tend to clash against other patterns. If you want your bow tie’s hues and pattern to really stand out, show a little bit of restraint when selecting the right shirt to pair it with. Believe me–it’ll be worth it.