How To Tie A Bow Tie

How To Tie A Bow Tie

Your Guide to How to Tie a Bow Tie

800px-Mens_Coats_1872_Fashion_PlateFly Guy Bow Tie is positively dedicated to helping you refine your sense of style, appearance, and suave. “Suiting Up,” as the old cliche’ goes, is not just restricted to the bankers, lawyers, and opulent celebrities – it’s something you can have for yourself every day or on occasions.

We’re not fortune tellers, here, but trust us – we certainly see your fashion metamorphosis on the horizon, blooming like an early spring bud. We know this because you are here, so pat yourself on the back, tiger, and prepare for the coming of a magnificent destiny.

Make no mistake – suits lacking neck pieces are naked, and not in the good, fun way (…unless it’s a birthday suit). Traditional ties provide a timeless, classic, presence, and you certainly cannot go wrong with using them. However, wearing one is like being an adult in the kiddy-end of a pool: their easy, safe, and boring. Daring to wear a bow tie, though, will distinguish you from the rest of chaff. The intricate, elegant folds of the bow tie around your shirt collar relentlessly cry out to all, “I’m courageous and kicking life in its retched backside instead of the other way around!” Ergo, this How To Tie A Bow Tie guide below is for you and your transfiguration.


[Disclaimer: anyone can learn to tie a bow tie, but everyone needn’t have to try. Should you desire the bow tie’s power, though forsake the knot – fear not! For our bow ties pretied shall not belied.

In not so fancy-pants terms: “If you want a bow tie but don’t want the hassle of tying on, we have amazing pre tied bow ties that don’t disappoint!”]

Though it may seem a tedious, unnecessary beginning, you’ll want to start the process of tying a bow tie by taking accurate measurements of your neck. Better yet, hone your charisma by convincing another to do this for you! Don’t skip this step – a proper fitting is needed.

  • Fold up the collar of your shirt
  • Take accurate measurements from the base of your neck with a tailor’s measuring tape.
  • Adjust your bow tie’s neck measurement to match you own neck measurements. Most freestyle bow ties have measurement markers on them. Alright – congratulations! Unless you start religiously doing shrugs and neck planks, you needn’t worry about measuring your neck again. Your bow tie is now calibrated for you.  

Now it’s time to drape that gorgeous bow tie around your neck (keep your shirt collar up, too). One end of the bow tie will hang over your chest about 1.5 inches longer than the other end. It doesn’t matter which side is longer, but the shorter side is going to keep the hand on that side more busy, so FlyGuy recommends leaving the short side of the bow tie to your dominant hand. If you’re ambidextrous, then give yourself a brief applause using both your hands at the same time. You’re truly amazing!

Tying the Bow Tie

(Here’s where things get a little caliente!)

How To Tie A Bow Tie-01STEP 1

Take the long end of your bow tie in one hand and cross it over the shorter end while keeping the crossing point up high and close to your neck. There’s no reason to go real tight right now and risk pulling a “David Carradine.” Your loop needs to be firm with a small hole to work with, and most certainly not loose and sloppy.  


Now you’re going to pull the long end of your bow tie under and through the hole of your loop. Pull this bad-boy/girl up and make it snug. The tightness and comfort level at this point will set the fitting of your bow tie when the knot is completed, so determine what’s best for you.

Some genteels will rest the remainder of the long end across their shoulder to keep it out of the way and free up a hand for s spell. Sound good? Go for it!


The short end of the bow tie is just begging for action, so let’s give it some. Grasp it and fold it up and against the core of the neck loop in front of your Adam’s apple. Let it align itself horizontally with your collarbone (the orientation at this point should somewhat resemble the final shape of the bow tie).


Now it’s time for something easy: let the initial long side that’s been resting on your shoulder drop straight over the short end of the bow tie and neck loop (should look like a cross, Friar Fashion).

Sometimes the middle section of a bow tie is kind of fat, and you may need to pinch it in half to complete the following step. Avoid doing so unless the fabric is extra wide.


Sliding your thumb behind the shorter end of the bow tie, fold one tip over to touch the other side (this will also fold over in front of the long end that’s now hanging down).

This is probably the trickiest part, but while folding the short end together, here, try to maintain your small loop hole – you will need it now.


Take the long end of the bow tie and feed it through the loophole – you’re nearly finished!


At this point, your bow tie will have the completed shape, but will require some adjustments to look stunning. You’ll need to pull on two of the 4 ends of the bow tie in order to adjust it properly. Here’s how to know which two: whatever side you fed through the loophole in the last step will be of the corners you grab; the other corner will be the front, opposite side. With both hands, gently pull straight the two corners in opposite directions. Should look a lot better now, yes?

It’s now time to put your shirt collar down. Fold back one side of the bow tie and drop the collar in place on that side, then repeat on the opposite side. You may need to straighten the bow tie after completing this step.

Final Tips for Wearing a Bow Tie

  • Make sure it’s centered. You can do this by looking at it in front of a mirror (the same mirror you’ve been using all along).
  • Periodically check the fitting and make adjustments. Bow ties will shift and move a little. The better you get with tying the knot, the better they will keep their shape.  

Okay. Get out there and show the world you mean business! Let the tourists and tyros of fashion fall at your feet and bask in your glory, Exalted One.

Still not sure about how to tie a bow tie? That’s fine. Many people are visual learners. We therefore recommend this excellent video:

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