How To Tie A Bow Tie

Your Guide to How to Tie a Bow Tie
Fly Guy Bow Tie is positively dedicated to helping you refine your sense of style, appearance, and suave. “Suiting Up,” as the old cliche’ goes, is not just restricted to the bankers, lawyers, and opulent celebrities – it’s something you can have for yourself every day or on occasions.

We’re not fortune tellers, here, but trust us – we certainly see your fashion metamorphosis on the horizon, blooming like an early spring bud. We know this because you are here, so pat yourself on the back, tiger, and prepare for the coming […]

The Ultimate Guide to Matching Shirt and Bow Tie

When you picture a bow tie, do you think of early 20th century gentleman’s fashion? You may be surprised to learn that the bow tie style actually originated in the 17th century among Croatian mercenaries. They wore a scarf material to hold their shirts together at the collar. The French upper class picked up the style, transforming it into the modern bow tie. And in 1886, Pierre Lorillard V invented the tuxedo which gave birth to the black tie attire we know today.

But today’s bow tie fashion differs from older fashions. Bow ties with many different colors and patterns […]

From Slob to Suave: An Extraordinarily Brief Guide to Obtaining Manly Enlightenment [Infographic]

Are you a guy who’s in need of a stylistic overhaul? Have friends, family members, and love interests given you hints (subtle or direct) that your wardrobe is boring and drab? Or that your hairstyle is hideous? Even if it’s your own fault that you look and act most times like a mental patient who’s on the run, it’s never too late to embrace your aesthetic existential crisis and prepare for a complete style makeover. “Rags to Riches”… “Slob to Suave” – Hey, it’s the primary archetype we all love and envy in our films, so why not try […]